Lawn Maintenance

Lawn MaintenanceOur mission is to bring beauty and health to your lawn.Proper water care and organic fertilizer techniques can improve the appearance and growth of your lawn dramatically.

Grass cycling: Grass cycling allows grass clippings and their nutrients to be recycled into the lawn and soil,reducing the need for fertilizers.In addition there is less waste sent to our landfills.Our mowers are equipped with mulching blades that cut the clippings into smaller pieces that break down more readily.

Lawn Aerating:  Aerating enhances soil water uptake,improved fertilizer uptake,better turf grass rooting along with enhanced heat and drought stress tolerate.

Over seeding & turf building: Applying a thin layer of top soil to your existing turf along with seed will build depth and color where thinning or reduction of growth has occurred. 

Organic fertilizer:Organic fertilizers work very well.All natural and safe for our enviroment.Synthetic fertilizers can produce short term success with long term damge to your lawn.Proven in the field our systems are effective and produce healthy grass consistently.

Removing and replacing as needed: Landscape areas change with time and growth.Trees become taller and shade more area.Some lawn species don't do well in these conditions.San Diego Land Care specialists can identify and present solutions for these common issues.Simply removing the distressed turf and replacing it with a more shade tolerant grass can be one solution.Or removing the turf and creating more planter area.Ground cover can also solve these types of problems … Let us help. 

Like all living things, Lawn is no exception. It requires attention and care. San Diego Land Care will provide the care and attention needed. The results will speak for themselves,  Beautiful healthy lawn! 

San Diego landscape contractors service contracts including:

  • Selective pruning and plant care
  • Mowing (Mulching mowers for healthier turf)
  • Fertilizing (Organics applied correctly)
  • Irrigation (Monitoring for proper watering)


San Diego Land Care are landscape contractors serving the greater San Diego and North County areas

Service areas, Del Mar,(92014), La Jolla,(92037), Rancho Santa Fe,(92067),Carmel Valley,(92130),Solana Beach,(92075), Encinitas,(92024)